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Q- What are the advantages of 3D printing my miniatures?

A- There are many advantages to 3D printing miniatures for wargames. Once a person has done the initial investment in purchasing a 3D printer and then invested the time into learning how to print models, the cost of printing miniatures, both time and material, is very cheap when compared to purchasing metal figures. Also, you can print as many models as you like. You don’t have to pay shipping or wait for the item to arrive. It's almost as fast as going to the convention and buying some miniatures in person. Weight can be an advantage. 3D printed models are very light weight when compared to metal models. They can be stored easily if you use magnets as they hold well with the light weight models. Another advantage is that you can experiment with basing and painting because if you mess up you can just print more. I also believe that at the smaller scales, like 6mm, 3D printed models often have more detail in them than metal miniatures because of the casting process versus the printing process. The other advantage is that it just costs me time for modeling a figure. I can often come up with a variety of poses for the same unit type which helps the bases and units look more realistic instead of the same figure for every man in a 30 figure unit.

Q- What are the disadvantages of 3D printing my miniatures?

A- I think it goes without saying that I wouldn’t be doing this if I did not think that the advantages in 3D printing outweighs the disadvantages. That being said these models are currently being designed by computer aided design (CAD). Because of this it is sometimes hard to make the miniatures look natural. This is especially true in the larger scales, but with the smaller scales it is less noticeable. Another disadvantage is the feel of the resin models. There is something about moving a hunk of metal across the table that makes it feel wonderful. 3D printed figures are light. Also, 3D printed small scale models can sometimes be more brittle than the metal or larger ones. Still durable if you use good bases, storage, and handling etiquette, but as with all models, they can break. Currently resin printing can be a bit messy and even toxic so safety and care has to be taken when your printing.

Q- When I purchase a file from Project Wargaming what should I expect?

A- When you purchase a file from the website, you will have a chance to download files immediately from that check out page. You should also receive an email that will have a link to the files. I typically set a limit on the number of downloads (usually 3 downloads) you are allowed per file. The files are downloaded in .ZIP format to make downloading quicker. I usually put infantry on strips with 2 to 4 figures. Mounted models are typically put on strips of two. Putting the models on strips makes handling them quicker. Models come with supports added into the figure when neccesary. These will need to be removed. I do so before I paint. Once painted the models can be clipped and separated and placed onto a base. For more info on this check out the “Printing and Painting” tab. If you want to try it out for free, you can “purchase” a free model to see how it works.

Q- Can your files be scaled up?

Yes, I have scaled them up to 15mm and 10mm and they work fine. I would not go any larger than 15mm and 10mm works great. If you do this I recommend that you add some extra supports in some areas. The great thing about stl files is that you can change the scale so feel free to experiment with your models. A good starting point is increasing the models by 150% for 10mm scale and 220% for 15mm scale. 

Q- What printer do you use? What printer do you recommend?

A- Currently I am using an Elegoo Mars. I have only ever used this printer and only ever used a Resin Printer.

Q- What Resin do you use? What Resin do you recommend?

A- I use a mix of resins for my printing. I currently use a mix of Siraya Tech Tenacious with a standard grey resin. For 6mm scale I like to use 30-40% tenacious to standard resin. As you scale the miniatures up I would use a lighter mix with 25% tenacious at 15mm scale. 

Q- Do you sell printed miniatures?

A- No, unfortunately not. I just don’t have the time to do so. Hopefully you can purchase a printer yourself or perhaps you have a friend or family member who has a printer that can print them off for you. This could be a way to get them interested in the hobby. Just remember if you give the files to someone to print, they cannot do so for profit. The files are yours alone. If they want to print their own models, they will need to purchase their own files. Please help support digital artists by respecting their rights and effort.

Q- What is your release schedule?

A- I do not have a schedule. I model as my interests move.

Q- Are you open to custom work and models?

A- Sorry I cannot. My schedule does not allow me to move beyond my own projects.

Q- Why do you focus on small scale miniatures?

A- I have fallen in love with the 6mm scale. I don’t venture away from it often. I love the big army feel and like the way the table looks. To be honest I love making terrain more than I love painting miniatures. In this small scale, the terrain shines. I also am not the greatest when it comes to CAD but my skills are sufficient at this smaller scale. There are plenty of people out there who are better than I am at modeling. The trick is that while you can shrink a 28mm figure down to 6mm for printing the details often get lost. The opposite is also true. I would never recommend that someone print my models at larger scales. Modeling at the 6mm scale means that is your goal which puts some constraints on it, but I like to focus my time and effort here. Every once in a while I’ll venture into the bigger scales and when I do I will often post them here.

Q- Why are some models free and others are not?

A- A lot of the free models are my early attempts at simple modeling. I put them on Thingiverse for free, so it seems silly to charge for them on here. Many of those Thingiverse postings and files are breaking for some reason, so I put up the free models here to hopefully provide a stable platform for their use.